Upcoming Concealed Carry Course and Shooting Courses:

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Concealed Carry (SDA) Course: 


Equip yourself with the comprehensive knowledge, skills and attitude consistent with NRA pistol shooting priciples  while learning Oklahoma Self Defense Act (SDA) legislation,  and improve your pistol shooting skills needed to help you protect yourself or your loved ones.   This class in not an introduction to firearms course.  You are expected to have some knowledge and experience in shooting pistols prior to enrolling.   Participants are expected to be involved and successfully pass the written exam, as well as qualifying on the firing range.  You should expect to bring a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition for the firearm you will be using to qualify and we reccomend two magazines.  Both your firearm and ammunition must be in good condition! Also all ammunition used must be factory loaded (No Reloaded Ammo, Tracers, Incendiary or Explosive bullets).


If you plan on carrying a revolver ONLY you may qualify with a revolver.  If you plan to carry a semi-automatic or revolver  you MUST use a semi-automatic to qualify. (required caliber .22 - .45)  You should expect to bring hearing and eyeprotection, ball cap/visor and no open toed shoes.  MUST BE 21 and be legally eligible to own/possess a firearm.


Courses $65.00 per person.  (First 1/2 payment due at time of reservation, second 1/2 due upon arrival) 


Courses are first come first serve and fill up rapidly!


Please send us an email or call to inquire about next available course. or 405.850.2496 Tom

We do offer group discounts and packaged course discounts!

Basic ​Pistol Skills Courses Levels 1-3
Pistol Packing Divas Levels 1-3

Receive highest quality NRA certied instruction in basic pistol shooting thru defensive pistol shooting.


  • Level #1 course:  8 Hours NRA Basic Pistol  course where you will learn proper gun safety, shooting cleaning, handling, storage.  Learn proper grip, stance and multiple shooting positions. You will become more comfortable with pistol operation, ballistics, types of action mechanical operation.  Training starts with the LASR simulator course. Bring at least 100 rounds of factory ammo only.  Cost of course $125.00. First 1/2 due at time of reservation, second 1/2 due upon arrival!


  • NRA First Step Pistol course:  4 Hour course with dry Fire, LASR Simulator course and live fire course in the fundamentals of shooting.  Bring 100-150 rounds of factory ammo only. Cost of course $150.00. First 1/2 due at time of reservation, second 1/2 due upon arrival. 


  • Level #2 course: Is your next step in pistol training. You will refamiliarize yourself with level 1# course materials. You will be spending more time on the LASR training simulator and live fire exercises.  You will continue to hone your skills as a pistol shooter and begin moving toward defensive shooting skills and positions. You will learn single handed shooting and Single handed reloading skills. Bring 200 rounds factory ammo, at least 2 magazines, holster and magazine holster.  Cost of course 400.00. First 1/2 due at time of reservation, second 1/2 due upon arrival!


  • Level #3 course: This course puts all of the skills and information you have previously learned in levels 1 and 2 to the test.  In the highest level of defensive pistol shooting.  We will help you to continue to develope modified shooting positions for real life self defense shooting.  Learn shooting from cover and clearing your home.  You will continue to push your skills  and learn to more advanced weapon retention and disarming the bad guys.  This is not for the timid!  Bring 400 rounds factory ammo, at least 2 magazines, holster, tactical flashlight and magazine holster,   Cost of course is $600.00.  First 1/2 due at time of reservation, second 1/2 due upon arrival!


To inquire about next course please email us at or call Tom @ 405.850.2496


This is the same exciting NRA Certified Basic Pistol #1 thru #3 courses but it is desgined specifically for WOMEN ONLY!  Pistol Packing Divas is for all women with any level of shooting experience even the beginner. You will learn proper gun fitting, handling, safety, cleaning and storage.  We want to help you to become more comfortable with firearms!  We will begin with LASR simulator pistol training, progress to dry fire exercises and then move to live fire exercises. We will help you with proper shooting techniques, ammo selection, assist you in sighting in your firearm as well as help you select the best personal defense firearm.  Learn multiple conceal/open carry methods for your firearm.  Also learn some self defense techniques. You will have an opportunity to hone your skills as a shooter and meet other ladies interested in shooting at the same time.  Fee includes lane fee, targets and hearing and eye protection.  For a small fee you can try out additional guns.  


Cost is $125.00.  First 1/2 due at time of reservation, second 1/2 due upon arrival!


To inquire about our next course please email us at or call Tom @ 405.850.2496