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For those of you wanting to learn how to hunt, but don't know where to begin, you have come to the right place. Maybe you went hunting with someone in the past, but you still dont feel confident going out on your own.  We can help!  These classes are designed by the NRA and taught by NRA certified instructors.  They are conducted in a field setting for real life, hands-on experience.   You will recieve NRA published field guides, reference materials and completion certificates .  It's time to take the first step towards learning how to hunt and be able to pass the heritage of hunting on to your children and grandchildren.  Get out of the big box supermarket, into the woods and become self-reliant.  Sign up for one of the most comprehensive, challenging and exciting outdoors and hunting skills courses ever offered in Oklahoma! 

Let us help you find your WILD SIDE! 

Turkey Hunting Skills Course

Deer, Hog & Predator Hunting Skills Course

This  fun 3-4 hour course will help you understand the biology and behavior of the wild turkey.  You will learn to use different turkey calls and calling techniques.  We will discuss hunting sets and decoying.  We will help you begin to prepare and understand different gear and firearms, along with scouting and locating techniques necessary to be successful.  You will learn different field care techniques, safety and ethics of wild turkey hunting.  We will show you how to apply safe hunting practices, and also basic navigational and wilderness survival skills.  

Course Cost $60.00

Women's Only Hunter Skills Courses

This exciting 3-4 hours course will focus on the biology and behaviors of the North American whitetail deer.  You will learn patterning and how to understanding deer movements, read the signs and apply successful techniques to hunt the elusive whitetail deer.  You will learn to hang tree stands and set-up blinds properly, while following proper safety guidelines. You will learn how to use deer attractants, calls and rattling, as well as understand deers actions and body language.  We will teach you proper tracking techniques for wounded and fatally shot deer.  We will show you how to apply safe hunting practices, and also basic navigational and wilderness survival techniques.

Course Cost $60.00

These exciting courses are also designed for the new hunter to intermediate hunter and it is for LADIES ONLY!  Tell your girlfriends!  Learn something new and exciting!  Cooking classes, scrapbooking and knitting are great for some, but time to learn a new exciting skill that not many people dare to learn.  These classes teach the same skills as the courses listed above for turkey and deer, but in a non-intimidating, fun enviroment.  Make new friends and maybe meet some future hunting girlfriends, too!  We promise you will walk away feeling strong and empowered with your new skills!  Great time, plus doorprizes!    

Course Cost $60.00 

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