If you are daring enough, try our Wild SIde Outdoors Mystery Box Survival Challenge and you will soon receive your "MYSTERY BOX".  What's in it?  Well, you will just have to wait to see!  Rest assured, it will have what you need (for one person) to make it through the 24 hour challenge and complete the unknown tasks.  You can always call us for suggestions and more information, but dont ask us what is in the box or what the tasks will be.  On the outside of the box will be a survival scenario, instructions plus information regarding what you are allowed to bring from home.  Part of the challenge will be for you to video yourself completing these tasks so that we can upload them to our Facebook and our website.   Please try to keep them in good taste and we love good humor!  Once you have sent your videos to us, you will be entered into a drawing on Dec 24th 2015.  One courageous winner will be selected to receive the same high quality 1095 carbon steel, full tang survival knife plus sheath that is supplied in the Complete and Deluxe Survival kits.  We encourage you to watch Youtube videos on survival techniques, such as building shelter, fire starting methods, water collection/purification, making snare traps, basic orienting.  Bushcraft methods are an excellent resource.  Now that you kind of get the idea, are you still feeling brave?  Then give our Mystery Box Survival Challenge a try!

"Mystery Box" Survival Challenge