The Wild Side Outdoors provides the Ultimate Survival Bug Out Bag.  This Ultimate kit should be your go-to bag, full of the best survival gear in case of emergency, natural disasters or the zombie apocalypse.   Absolutely no fluff or filler junk.  We only offer high quality, field tested gear!

Ultimate Survival Bug Out Bag

  • Ultimate Survival Bug Out Bag Includes:
    Schrade Survival Knife (full tang)
    Fiskars survival hatchet
    Iodine water purification tablets
    Canteen with web belt
    Heavy duty tarp (6 ft x 8 ft)
    550 paracord (100 ft)
    Commando saw
    Magnesium fire starter
    Fire tinder
    Candles (5 each)
    Glow stick
    Military grade compass
    Rain poncho (2 each)
    Mylar safety blanket (2 each)
    Tissue pack
    Wet wipes
    Snare wire
    Fishing supplies
    Outdoor cookware set
    Wetfire fire starter (pack of 5)
    First aid kit
    Zip lock bags
    30 gallon trash bag
    GI can opener
    Signal mirror
    Signal whistle
    Hot glue stick
    Sewing kit
    ER Bars (3 days supply of complete nutrition for one person)