Hunters Ethics:

1) I will consider myself an invited guest of the landowner, seeking permission, and so conducting myself that I may be welcome in the future.

2) I will obey the rules of safe gun handling and will courteously, but firmly, insist that others who hunt with me do the same.

3) I will obey all game laws and regulations, and will insist my companions do likewise.

4)  I will alway leave the land cleaner than I found it, pick up after myself and pick up other's  trash along the way.

5) I will do my best to aquire those marksmanship and hunting skills, which ensure clean, sportsman like kills.

6) I wll support conservation efforts, which can assure good hunting for future generatons of Americans.

7) I will pass along to younger hunters the attitude and skills essential to being a true outdoor sportsman.


Gun Safety:

1) All guns ARE loaded, and are treated as loaded.

2) Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. 

3) Only load your gun when you are ready to fire it.

4) Don't rely on your guns safety mechanism.

5) Be familiar with the gun before you handle it.

6) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot it.

7) Know what you are aiming at, and whats around or behind

your target. 

8) Use the correct ammo that is in good, clean and safe condition.

9) Don't shoot at hard surfaces, including water.

10) Always pay close attention, and remember drugs/alcohol mixed with  guns is a disaster waiting to happen.

11) Guns dont kill people, people kill people, so refer back to 

rules #1 - #10.

Leave No Trace Principals:

1) Plan ahead and prepare.

2) Travel and camp on durable surfaces.  Concentrate activity, or spread out.

3) Dispose of waste properly.  Pack it in and pack it out.

4) Leave what you find.

5) Minimize campfire impact.

6) Respect wildlife.

7) Be considerate of other visitors.

Outdoors Survival Basics:

1) Fear - For anyone faced with a wilderness emergency survival situation, fear is a normal reaction. Unless an emergency situation has been anticipated, fear is generally followed by panic then pain, cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, boredom and loneliness. It is extremely important to calmly assess the situation and not allow these seven enemies to interfere with your survival.

2) Pain - Pain may often be ignored in a panic situation. Remember to deal with injuries immediately before they become even more serious.

3) Cold - Cold lowers the ability to think, numbing the body and reducing the will to survive. Never allow yourself to stop moving or to fall asleep unless adequately sheltered.  Hypothermia can occur anytime temperatures are 60 degrees or lower.

4) Thirst - Dehydration is a common enemy in an emergency situation and must not be ignored. It can dull your mind, causing you to overlook important survival information.

5) Hunger - Hunger is dangerous but seldom deadly. It may reduce your ability to think logically and increase your susceptibility to the effects of cold, pain and fear.

6) Fatigue - Fatigue is unavoidable in any situation so it is best to keep in mind that it can and will lower your mental ability. Remember that in an emergency situation this is often the bodies way of escaping a difficult situation.

7) Boredom and Loneliness - These enemies are quite often unanticipated and may lower the mind's ability to deal with the situation.

Season Dates


General Dates


Sept 1 - Oct 31


Deer Archery:

Oct 1 - Jan 15

Deer Black Powder:

Oct 23-31

Youth Deer:

​Oct 15-17

Deer Gun:

Nov 20 - Dec 5

Holiday Antlerless:

Dec 18 - Dec 31

Turkey Fall:

Same as deer

Turkey Spring '22:

April 16 - May 16



​Varies each year

Cottontail Rabbit

​Oct 1 - March 15




May 15 - Jan 31


Open Year Around

WIld Hog:

Open Year Around





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